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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Introducing Uncle Jonny!

Every country in the world brags about how GREAT their women are, and the bragging usually comes loudest from the Caribbean. Trinidad & Tobago has a loud voice as does Barbados. It's one thing to be of the bragging country and brag, and then it's something else when a foreigner comes to a country and makes a declaration.

Uncle Jonny makes a declaration and settles the argument!  The artists newest song "Jamaican Girls" is taken from the album 'Old School' and is a chune all Jamaican girls will sing with pride!

From the opening bar, we hear a drum roll and addictive bass line as if a parallel for the topic at hand. Jonny's voice sets in and we hear the following lyrics: "I met her walking in Halfway Tree / what a beautiful girl I've seen / my body froze when she looked at me / I fell in love with her instantly ...."

Supported by the sound of an electric guitar, Jonny goes on to declare that Jamaican girls are the best in the world!  We anticipate that fans will love this chune as musically it is one of the best produced songs and albums released this year. The album was recorded live with all musicians present in Jamaica (who are rated as some of the best in the industry) which is reflected in the quality of the chune!

Check Uncle Jonny's webiste here:! You can also view the album 'Old School' on iTunes here:


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