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Friday, October 21, 2011

Pressure - What Ya Gonna Do!

Nicko Rebel Music and Pressure Buss Pipe recently collaborated (and are still collaborating) in the studio recently, and the result is the song "What Ya Gonna Do."

The minute you play this chune, the heaviness of the bass will resonate in your chest, will resonate on the walls of the studio, will resonate on your listeners car stereo ... it will resonate! I think Nicko and Pressure did this on purpose as the resonation of the bass is the audio equivalent to the resonation of the message. Pree the lyrics:

"mashing up the place with some bad vibes / mashing up the earth with ya bad vibes ... what ya gonna do when Jah Jah come for you / wicked man we see your time is gonna done for you / what ya gonna do when Jah Jah come for you / rise up dih yute dem from dih slum for you ...."

We are living in an era where the eradication of negative thinking and negative actions is the focus, and this chune helps to reinforce that message. Both Nicko and Pressure are proud of this chune and are confident your listeners will appreciate it.

Nicko Rebel has been producing music for some years and has worked with several artists including Voicemail, Macka Diamond, Bescenta, Kali Blaxx and Shaka Pow to name a few. Based in Florida, Nicko's commitment is to quality music with authentic Reggae and Dancehall vibes.

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