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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kes the Band News! KTBLIVE: The Concert Experience

Returning home in the midst of tours of the U.S. and Europe, Kes the Band will present #KBTLIVE The Concert on July 13, 2013 at O2 Park in Chaguaramas.

Designed as a one-day music festival, rather than your typical fete, #KTBLIVE The Concert is an afternoon show for youth, designed to allow the band’s fans to experience the Kes show they might have been otherwise unable to, due to time or location constraints. The concert follows the #KTBLIVE Career Sessions held at secondary schools around Trinidad, which saw the band visit each school and deliver a music workshop and discussion accompanied by a mini performance. It aimed to encourage more in Trinidad & Tobago's education system to get involved in music and pushed for the reintroduction of music development, facilities and the provision of music-learning opportunities in the classroom for young creatives.

#KTBLIVE The Concert will be held on Saturday, July 13, from 3pm-8pm at O2 Park (formerly Mobs 2) in Harts Cut, Chaguaramas. The concert will feature performances by Kes the Band coupled with guest performances by both established and emerging young acts, as well as other attractions on the grounds and information for those interested in pursuing their own music. "Going to different schools and sharing our life experiences was not only inspiring for the students, but for ourselves as well," said Kees Dieffenthaller, lead singer for Kes the Band.. "It reminded us of where it all began. #KTBLIVE The Concert gives us the chance to celebrate with this generation of thinkers, believers and dreamers. May they continue to be inspired to create change and progress." Doors open at 3pm. Early-Bird Tickets are available for $150 TT each.

Tickets can be purchased at locations around Trinidad or at the door on the day of the event. For all ticket locations please visit the Kes the Band Facebook page or website. Through a hashtag contest on social media platforms twitter and instagram fans will also have the opportunity to win VIP backstage passes and Limited Edition #KTBLIVE T-Shirts. Follow Kes The Band on Twitter and Facebook for more details.

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