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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Artiste Management Music Business Conference - Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago based entertainment management group Ask Promotions will be undertaking the 2013 Artiste Management Music Business Conference (AMMBCON) from August 14th -17th 2013.

This particular music business conference is targeted at various stakeholders in the local and Caribbean industry i.e. recording and performing artistes, entertainment managers, music producers, songwriters, publishers and labels. The 4 day experience which is being called a ‘success-oriented event’ will offer registrants the opportunity to attend industry seminars as well as to take part in valuable workshops and showcases.

In addition, attendees will also be able to interact with and learn from global music industry decision-makers and professionals from Europe and North America who will be at the event. AMMBCON 2013 will feature executives from noted international music organizations such as VIP-Booking.Com, South by Southwest (SXSW), The Bellamy Group, CIDA, Platinum Productions and Media Inc, Miralex Entertainment and After Touch Music.

Ask Promotions in collaboration with T&T’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment, Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism and the University of Trinidad and Tobago aspires to utilize the annual AMMBCON to attract several local, regional and international industry enthusiasts, practitioners and professionals to Trinidad’s shores and to position the country as a top destination for music business.

Some of the objectives of AMMBCON are to deliver solutions for the Caribbean music market, to foster discussion re: the challenges facing the music industry in the digital era, and to formulate ideas for the creation and distribution of local music and other creative works.

According to Ask promotions principal Stephen Howard, “The goal is singular: to foster creativity and build a thriving music industry, through offering creators, academics, and industry professionals the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns about the future, and by offering the global population the opportunity for involvement and education”.

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