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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Burner for Noah Powa!

Noah Powa who is no stranger to controversial song topics has once again taken the bold step to sing a song that is far from the Jamaican cultural norm. The song "One Burner" is one which is glorifying Monogamy. The term 'One Burner' is a Jamaican slang in Patois which is used to refer to a man who is monogamous. This lifestyle is often frowned upon by Jamaican men. They tend to live polygamous lifestyles and flaunt and praise themselves as "Gallis" having many different women. In the song "One Burner" Noah vows that he will not cheat on his girlfriend despite the temptation of other beautiful women in the world. He also states that he is a proud member of the "One Burner Team" regardless of the typical Male lifestyle. The song is produced by Lmr Pro Productions and has a smooth reggae/cultural undertone. Music Video to be released March 22,2013

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