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Saturday, March 2, 2013

LogiQ Pryce and DJ Outkast Make It Incredible!

It is said that in collaboration, the nature of art is revealed; this holds true for many successful partnerships.  In the coming together of Logiq Pryce and DJ Outkast aka The Cut Creator, a hit song was not only produced but art in its truest, most brilliant form, was revealed. 

INCREDIBLE, the first single from Logiq’s upcoming The Salute Mixtape Volume 1: Hosted by Walshy Fire, is enjoying two (2) very important firsts.  It is the first time that LogiQ, surprisingly, has produced a song for himself and it is also the first time DJ Outkast is featured on a major record release on iTunes. 

DJ Outkast knew at a very young age that music would be his life.  A native of St. Maarten, he has made his mark throughout the Caribbean, Europe and the US and has worked with a long and impressive list of the biggest names in music, film and entertainment such as Beenie Man, Ludacris, Keyshia Cole, Jr. Gong, Ja Cure, Alison Hinds, T.O.K, Bill Bellamy, Kristin Cavallari, Kid Capri, Rukus, Cut Killer, Jabba; to name a few.  DJ Outkast is signed on and a part of Top Gunners and Shadyville DJ’s along with Shadyville/Aftermath & G Unit.

Always tactical and purposeful in his music collaborations, LogiQ wrote INCREDIBLE in 2011 but failed to release it as he felt the song had to have the right cuts.  It needed to have that old-school hip hop feel.  Without these elements, he theorized the song “not ready”. However, in 2012, he had a moment of clarity and knew instantly that DJ Outkast was the correct fit and could bring the vibe to the song that he was looking for. 

When LogiQ made contact with DJ Outkast to execute the Cuts for the song, he was more than favourable to being a part of the project.  The rest as they say is history. 

Strategic planning, on the part of LogiQ however, was not complete.  When the time came for the track to be mixed and mastered, there was no question that Omari Harrigan of Chosen Sounds, Antigua (with whom LogiQ has worked successfully over the years) would have carried out the job brilliantly. 

INCREDIBLE is a definite ‘must listen-must have’ track and is available for download on iTunes.  Plans to Shoot a Music Video are being finalized.

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