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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Five Steez - Wanna Be Free

Jamaican Hip Hop artiste, Five Steez, has released the new music video for his song, “Wanna Be Free”, which features fellow local MC, Nomad Carlos. The track, produced by France’s DJ King Flow, is featured on the ground-breaking Five Steez debut album, “War for Peace”.

On “Wanna Be Free”, both MC’s share their struggles and their philosophies in deeply personal verses over a jazzy instrumental with fitting vocal samples in the scratch hook by Spain’s Bobby Bob. The music video, directed by Its Lynky & Simon the Writer, shows both artistes rapping at symbolic landmark locations in Kingston, Jamaica.  

The concept for the video stems from the song’s obvious chant for freedom,” says Simon the Writer. “The video captures scenes of the General Penitentiary and the local Roman Catholic cathedral, which exhibit our everyday struggle with the powers that keep us mentally and physically enslaved. It isn't to say that all aspects of religion and government are bad, but the song promotes the free will to make choices in life and the video puts those words into visuals. The video also includes historical monuments of Marcus Garvey and other heroes who fought and even died for freedom in Jamaica.”

Since its August 2012 release, “War for Peace” has received excellent reviews from iTunes as well as some underground Hip Hop blogs and even Reggae journalists in Europe and Jamaica. “This is real music to help people in the struggle find peace.says Five Steez. “It is new millennium boom-bap Hip Hop with soulful production, heavily themed with a lot of commentary, storytelling, introspection and raw lyricism on display.”

Since 2010, Five Steez has been making a name for himself among underground Hip Hop fans worldwide through features on various Hip Hop blogs and websites. Despite the fact that local artistes of the genre go largely unrecognized in Jamaica, he is seen as one of the leaders of an emerging Hip Hop movement in Kingston.

Watch the video here:

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