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Friday, March 22, 2013

Miami's GG is Popular Demand!

Miami-based pop artist GG created a series of works for his solo exhibit “Popular Demand,“ featuring, well, paintings in his most popular and in demand style of iconic characters.
International collectors have been craving GG’s interpretations of icons and popular characters but until now the young artist has not had a chance to do the full series he had envisioned and wanted to do for a long time. 

GG turned Nac Gallery in Fort Lauderdale into the world of Fedo, a character he created in 2009. This signature character, that can also be seen on many walls in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, has been the center of many works by GG who describes Fedo as “curious, confused and always honest.”

For “Popular Demand” GG revisited his flat, saturated depictions of iconic figures and this new series surely did not disappoint. The exhibit brings together film, fashion, sports, music and art as well as a major influence and passion of the artist, computer games. The Super Mario Bros, Darth Vader, Batman and the Joker as well as Minnie and Mickey Mouse are easily recognizable favorites around the world and GG infused them with his distinct Fedo eyes and facial expression.

“Popular Demand” also featured Karl Lagerfeld and Muhammad Ali, two icons GG respects for their achievements in their respective fields and there was a Bob Marley, who was snapped up by a collector prior to the public opening reception. Some of GG’s biggest inspirations, the artist Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat can be seen in new versions in “Popular Demand.” Previously, GG incorporated more color and the art of the respective painter but for this new series he stripped his depictions to the basics, relying solely on the strength of the central character.

GG has undergone a maturation process and has started to gravitate towards explorations of more abstract concepts based on emotions, experiences and observations especially relating to Miami. He has started to incorporate scribbles and continuing narratives and has started to additionally use more muted color palettes.

About his solo exhibition GG says, “This show has been something I wanted to develop for a long time. I have been doing tributes to other artists and popular characters but never developed an entire series based on this one topic.” He adds, “It is a part of my work I really wanted to showcase and even though I might be working with iconic figures in the future I wanted to bring some closure to this chapter and start working on some more developed and intricate pieces.”

“Popular Demand” is GG’s most important show to date as the show will travel from Fort Lauderdale to New York and Los Angeles this year, establishing GG further as a young artist on the rise.

“Popular Demand” runs through April 15th, 2013 at Nac Gallery, 3325 NE 32nd Street, Fort Lauderdale 33308

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