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Monday, March 18, 2013

Carla Babb aka Babbzy Launches Raggamuffin Entertainment

Popularly known for her controversial blogs, Carla “Babbzy” Babb is the third most followed Bajan on twitter and is passionate about Caribbean music and all things Caribbean. The female emcee has been actively involved in the entertainment circuit for a number of years and is turning things up a notch by forming her own entertainment company; Raggamuffin Entertainment.

 Raggamuffin Entertainment promises to be an entertainment company like no other, offering unique music consultation, bridging the gap between artistes and producers and the marketing of produced music initiated by Raggamuffin. “It sounds simple, but in all honesty it is a lot of work, I am not complaining though because I am enjoying every moment of it” were the words that slipped through Babbzy’s smile.

Conceptualized approximately six months prior to its launch on January 01st 2013, Raggamuffin Entertainment has already secured a relationship with five talented Caribbean artistes. Her reasoning behind selecting these artistes is honest and as real as it gets, according to Babbzy, “These artistes in my opinion have gone unseen and un-noticed for too long and I wanted to get them into the space that is available.” The artistes she refers to are Antiguan Tian Winter and Bajan artistes Buggy Nhakente, Tabitha Johnson, Miguel White and Omar McQuilkin.

On Monday April 01st 2013 the first collaboration between Raggamuffin Entertainment and the five talented artistes mentioned previously will be released; a reggae riddim. The question of whether or not the Caribbean will be ready for it lurks in the minds of all those involved. Why? Babbzy says it best “Their voices are some of the sweetest I have ever heard, people are going to be really surprised about what they are bringing to the table.” 

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