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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kardinal Offishall - Ole Time Killin Pt. II

Kardinal Offishall a.k.a. Mr. International has struck again with an international sound system anthem called
"Ole Time Killin Part II."

Set to a 2011 version of the Sleng Teng riddim, Kardinal and producers tweak the riddim giving it more horns. They also lay back on the skank to where it can just about be heard under Kardi when he delivers the lyrics:

"Man an man talk bout eye for an eye / in the blink of an eye see my enemy die / bye bye / I an I walk with
the most high / talk with the most high / holding my head to the sky / when a sound bwoy try / somebody
tell ah bwoy we don't take back no talk / do what you want and say what you want but the 45 deya pon caulk ..."

As this is a sound system anthem, we know that the 45 Kardi refers to is a vinyl record!

Apart from the vicious lyrics Kardi uses to slaughter a sound system, the appeal to the chune is the contrast
of tempo of the riddim (slower), and the delivery of lyrics (rapid). Other appealing antics are the sections where the audience participates such as Kardi saying 'Kardinal fans don't applaud they 'brap brap!'

Long time friend and collaborator Lindo P's supporting vocals are heard throughout the anthem making this one of the best for 2011.

Single-handedly, Kardi has captured the essence of what t is to be a sound man / woman who is blood thirsty to kill another sound.

Listen to the chune here

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