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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby Cham Responds to Concert Organizers

Despite reports to the contrary, International Reggae and Dancehall Artist Baby Cham, as well as Madhouse Records, wishes to inform both Canadian and International

fans that the artist was in Toronto for the 21st annual Toronto International Jamaica Day celebration. Baby Cham’s non performance was due to TIJD not honoring the negotiated agreement.

Baby Cham was prepared to take the stage on the evening of July 23rd, however, due to a contractual dispute and breach of contract, Baby Cham was not able to perform. Amongst the several clauses not honored in the contract, the artists’ performance fee was not honored.

Despite the outstanding issues, Cham was set to take the stage, however, he was left waiting at the hotel, despite being told organizers were on their way to pick him up and take him to the venue. Regrettably he could not perform.

In a statement, Cham says “several calls were made from my manager to the organizers of Jamaica Day, and to the agent who first negotiated the booking. Those calls were not returned. We were willing to work through the situation, but were refused by TIJD.”

The statement alleged by Sunrise Talent Development Programs Inc and TIJD, are false and misleading to all in attendance of Jamaica Day as well as to media. “These statements should be disregarded as every effort was made to have our Artist perform. We do hope that TIJD increases their efforts to honour contractual agreements and give their audience the shows that they promote and set out to deliver, and not lay blame on the performer” said Janet Davidson, co founder of Madhouse Records and Baby Cham’s Manager.

Baby Cham and the Madhouse Records family would like to say thank you to all Canadian and International fans for their continued support. Baby Cham has never let the people down throughout his career, and has no intention of doing so now!

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