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Monday, August 29, 2011

Vulnerability is Strength!

Taken from The Daily

"When we learn to trust the Universe, we shall be happy, prosperous and well."  - Ernest Holmes

One of the most common patterns I see in people is the fear of rejection and the need for approval of other's.  This is cool and all, but it is not healthy.

Basically people are walking around saying, "How can I change myself so that I can please you." And if they can't change themselves to please other people, they assume that something must be wrong with them.

I'm here to suggest another way.

Instead of trying to change yourself to please others and then taking rejection as a sign that something is wrong with you, let's step into our authentic power and allow ourselves to be ourselves with no apologies.

Instead of seeing rejection as some kind of personal proclamation of our self-worth that is determined from someone else, let's just see rejection as nature's natural sifting device that helps us stay away from people we do not vibrate with and attract those that do.

A positively charged magnet is not attracted to another positively charged magnet. It's nothing personal, the energetics just don't match. That doesn't mean that those magnets can't find their match. It would be silly for those magnets to assume that just because they keep meeting other positively charged magnets that there is no match for them.

See your life this way. Rejection does not define you any more than a positively charged magnet repelling another positively charged magnet defines them. It's just an energetic reality, not a definition of who you are.

So in this, vulnerability is strength, because when you are being yourself, a vulnerable and authentic human being, you will attract those you are an energetic match to whom you really are and repel those that aren't. Don't take this process personally - it's just a part of life.

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