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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

L3 Radio Looking For Content Producers!

If anyone can get the job done, Famous Face blog readers can!

Word has just come down from the team at L3 Radio (a division of L3 Magazine) that they are looking for segment producers for the Hip Hop and Alternative segments, as well as co-producers for the Gospel and R&B segments.

What does this mean?!  It means that you have contacts with the hottest independent artists in these genres and are able to supply their music.  When you produce your segment, you will also give a brief 2 line description about the artist, their label and shows they might be doing.

What's in it for you?!  Giving artists in your network exposure to an International  audience, and increasing their spins, and credit that will sound like this:  Today's Hip Hop segment was produced by (your name here) of (name of your company here) who's making these artists famous!

If this sounds good, send a comment to this blog with your info, or send an e-mail to  We are serious about music, and all inquiries received!

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