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Monday, November 22, 2010

♠ HOTTT New Groovy Soca! ♠ Shurwayne Winchester - Manic + Jammin'!

It may be shameful to admit this, but a year
ago, I didn't have as much appreciation for
Soca as I do now!  I LOVE it, and that's mainly
because of one man:  Mr. Shurwayne Winchester!
Shurwayne and the team at SW Limited continue
to produce hit records, the latest being:  "Manic"
and "Jammin'."
Both chunes are on the same riddim (sorry, I
don't have a riddim name), and both chunes will
make it hard to choose from so you have to play
both!  "Manic" is loosely based on the hit song
"Manic Monday" by the girl group the Bangles.
"Jammin'" hears a man talk about how HOTTT
his girl is and what he wants to do to her in a dance.
Both chunes feel good, accelerates the heart rate,
reduces weight and will have the phone line lit
like a Christmas Tree at the radio station.  It will
also have the dancefloor 'chipping' in a Fete!
*Goldman Smally we see you!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch "Manic" and "Jammin'"
from SW Limited here


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