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Friday, November 12, 2010

►►► Classic Friday! ►►► Fresh and Hold A Fresh - What's The Difference?!

For today's Classic Friday, we have two versions of one
riddim from two amazing producers!  Is it Fresh, or Hol
A Fresh, or both?  It's Both!
In 1987, Winston Riley recorded Red Dragon and
the infamous chune 'Hol A Fresh' for his Techniques
label.  He also produced Flourgon's 'Hol A Spliff'
where Flourgon says "all who nuh smoke from mawnin
run go bill ah spliff...!"
In 1987, Lloyd 'King Jammy's' James built the 'Fresh'
riddim which also flattened Dancehall!  Both versions
of the riddim were most popular from that time, often
featured in documentaries and movies, the riddim feels
good and makes the listener move.  The artists on the
riddim felt the vibes based on their performances!
Shabba Ranks chune "Hold A Fresh" led the pack for
the Jammy's production.  Additional artists include Admiral
Bailey, Dominique, Leroy Gibbons with the hit chune
"Four Season's Lover," and Lt. Stitchie making this riddim
The difference between the two riddims is the Riley production
is a slower tempo, while the Jammy's version is faster.  The lead
single from Red Dragon focuses on men holding a fresh, while
the Shabba version focuses on women holding a fresh.
Both versions of riddim makes one look back at yester-year
when women wore huge gold earrings and rings to match, men
wore huge gold chains, Kangol hats, and rags in back pocket. 
Classic!  People went to dances to meet a boyfriend or girlfriend,
and one selector usually played the entire night.  Lawd ... dih
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch the Fresh riddim, and one
chune from the Hold A Fresh riddim here:
This riddim is being played on

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