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Monday, November 15, 2010

♠ Dubplates! Dubplates! Dubplates! ♠ Biggie Irie + Future Fambo + Wayne Marshall + More!

So this week I've been on the 'talk' with various
artists and producers who agree that there has
never been a better time for sounds and DJ's
to get dubs!
With that said, here's a list of artists who are
running dubplate sessions this week.  Their prices
are listed beside their names (in some cases down
load links are provided for the songs they're
All requests are being handled by Lisa Davis
of L3 Publicity!
Contact Lisa Davis for Dubplates
or Skype:  thebright1LLD
Biggie Irie $200
Gabriel a.k.a. Levardes $200 
Macka Diamond $250 
Black Ryno $300 
Munga $200 
Wayne Marshall $250
Chuck Fenda $300
Future Fambo $200
Norris Man $200
 The Dubplate session (excluding Biggie Irie) will be engineered by Mafia McKoy from Loud Disturbance Records

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