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Thursday, August 5, 2010

►►► Throwback Thursday! ►►► Can A Poco Man Jam?!

Just the name of the riddim alone should tell
you that this riddim holds a vibes, but when
you play it, you know it.  The people move...
A Poco Man is one who practices a different
type of spirituality.  They claim to be able
to heal, ward off evil, and have visions that
pertain to your life.  There are some people
who believe in a Poco Man, and there are
others who don't. 
In 1990, Steely and Clevie created and produced
the Poco Man riddim which is a jump up, feel
good, 'kick out yuh foot' and jam type of riddim.
Featuring artistry from Capleton, Cutty Ranks
and Red Dragon (to name a few), it becomes
hard to say which fans prefer more, the lyrics
or the riddim!  The Shabba Ranks chunes "Dem
Bow" and "Trailer Load" became Dancehall
anthems for their time, and have inspired Konshens
to relick the riddim with Daddy and Hypa from
France for the 'Trailer Reloaded' riddim!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, and featuring the work
of most original artists to the riddim, catch Poco
Man here:

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