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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

♥ HOTTT New Music! ♥ Dionne Blaize - Gone Forever + Take The Lead + Bonus Download...!

Miss Dionne Blaize has just released three
new chunes that she's really excited and
eager to share with you! 
The first is "Gone Forever" which is a song
about a woman who didn't tell her beau how
much she loves him, then unexpectedly he
passed away.  Definitely a lyrically deep
Dionne's second chune, "Take The Lead"
ft. Culture Smith, is a beautiful interplay
between a man and a woman where the
woman beautifully tells her man that she's
ready to trust in him, and asks him to take
the lead!  Sweet chune!
Dionne's bonus chune, "Ba Mwen Les Pou
Pas" is a sweet Soca / Zouk vibe chune that's
sung in English and Creole French!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Dionne Blaize's
three chunes here:


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