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Friday, August 13, 2010

►►► Classic Friday! ►►► The Hottest Year!

The year 2010 has gone on record as being
one of the hottest in history.  Not since the
1980's have countries like Canada, the UK
and Europe seen such heat.  Makes one say
'it's hot this year!'
In 1991, Dancehall artist Dirtsman coined the
phrase 'hot this year' with the recording of his
chune of the same name.
Produced by Tan-Yah Records, the riddim,
artists and lyrics were hot.  The attitude of
the riddim caused patrons in the Dancehall
to want to put their hand in the air to give the
selector an immediate fawud.  Imagine the
vibes when Dirtsman comes over a well tuned
sound Dj'ing:  "Mih come hot this year / not
even water caan cool me...."  Kaboom!
Other artists on the riddim include General
Degree, Admiral Tibett, Papa San and Pinchers
to name a few.
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch the Hot
This Year Riddim here:

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