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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Album Review: Gyptian’s ‘Hold Yuh.’

It would be easy for us to do a straight forward review of Gyptian’s album ‘Hold Yuh,’ but we can’t!  We can’t tell you that you’re going to love track 2, “Beautiful Lady” because the bassline is so infectious, or that die hard Reggae fans will enjoy track 13, “Where You Belong,” which is set to the classic 50 pound riddim every fan can relate to!  No!

We can’t confirm that the singles “Hold Yuh” or “Nah Let Go” (Gyptians second release from the album) are ideally placed on the album, and just work with the rest of the album’s selections.  No, we can’t do that either because that would be too easy.  We can’t even go so far as to say that Gyptian’s album is one of the few Reggae releases for 2010 that successfully bridges mainstream cross over fans with the artists core Reggae fans to the point that both groups can attend his show and not be disappointed.  That too would be too simple.

What we can do, is confirm that Gyptian doesn’t allow the fame and attention of his well deserved success get to his head.  Instead we can confirm that he remains the humble Gyppy that we know and love.  We see him demonstrate that humility at the very end of the album on his chune “Selah” where he says a special thank you to people who helped him get to where he is.  People like his three children whom he calls his ‘beautiful three babies,’ Ron Muschette (well respected radio jock from Jamaica), and Elise Kelly.  The deeper beauty in “Selah” is acknowledging bredins like Zeko and Rhona Fox as well as fellow artists Bascom X and Ricky Blaze who collectively contribute to his shining success.

For all the people whose name Gyppy didn’t call, not to worry!  The next time he comes to your city, he’ll sit and reason with you same way, ignoring the fact that he is now super star status.

Gyptian’s album ‘Hold Yuh’ is available on i-Tunes as well as and all leading digital retailers.

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