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Monday, August 9, 2010

♦ Loud Disturbance Records Presents ♦ Busy Signal - Good Good Good + Gyal Need A Man!

In my best voice (lord knows I'm the lead
singer for the Tone Deafs so bear with me),
I sing:
Busy, Busy, Busy / can't you see / sometimes
your words just hypnotise me / and I just love
your flashy ways...!  Ha!  I jest, I joke, I laugh
but now I get serious!
Busy Signal's two new chunes, produced by
Mafia McKoy for Loud Disturbance Records
are called "Good Good Good," and "Gyal Need
A Man" and both are certified MADDDDly and
In the first chune, Busy playfully performs a
lyrical tongue twister by telling a girl about
what he thinks of her, and instead of being raw
with the lyrics, the nickname becomes 'good
good good.'  Mad!  In the second chune Busy
is a little more direct, but builds the song off
of a nursery rhyme.
Remember the rhyme 'farmer in the dell?!'  Add
a hand clap in the background, and a loose
interpolation of Boney M's "Rivers of Babylon"
style of driving bass, and we have the recipe for
yet another HIT record for Busy Signal, and another
notch in the belt for Mafia McKoy, founder of
Loud Disturbance Records.
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch both chunes,
"Good Good Good" and "Need A Man" produced
by Mafia McKoy for Loud Disturbance Records
P.S.  Impressing fans even more, Busy recorded
a chune called "Busy Latino" for his album D.O.B
Busy captured authentic Latin vibes, and the chune
became a hit record in Latin America.  Today,
Busy released a remix of the chune which is also
available for download.
My statement:  Busy is the Baddest ... Period...  

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