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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Radio Week! Lady Pam and Irie Vibes Radio Detroit!

Unbeknown to some, Detroit has a thriving Reggae and Dancehall market, and a part of the reason for the area’s growing popularity is because of the work put in by Lady Pam and her team at!

The online radio station is a source of information for upcoming events as well as links to other people in the industry on a global level.  On the surface, this appears to be ‘just another’ online radio station, but Lady Pam stands out for an additional reason!

Now in its’ 5th year, Lady Pam founded the Spread the Love Festival which was created with the sole purpose of raising money for the Watson Town Basic School in Jamaica.  Through the fundraiser, Lady Pam and friends are able to contribute school supplies to children who may be in need.  Lady Pam is herself a school teacher, and understands these needs all too well!

Back to!

Alongside Lady Pam, listeners enjoy a mix of music from Gav Pauze (out of the UK), Babaloo Sound (out of Italy), Jah Lion and Roots Rock International; her listenership is truly international!

Make sure you visit her site, make sure you support the Spread the Love Festival, and make sure you support her DJ’s!

Check out the full schedule here:

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