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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hindi Zahra

"[New Albums to Look Forward To - Fall 2011] Because this French Moroccan sometimes sings in Berber and sounds like Edith Piaf moved to Jamaica, got stoned, and started reading a lot of Rimbaud." — New York Magazine

Songstress Hindi Zahra makes her American debut with Handmade, an infectious album of exotic sounds that playfully savor East and West. Soul, reggae, jazz and a dash of gypsy, all intertwine with Hindi's heritage of bluesy Berber and swirling melodies on this impressive collection. Her voice, which slides between soul-inflected purrs and growls, and a clear resonance, is one of many talents Hindi taps as she stakes her claim alongside the likesof Norah Jones, Adele, and Sade.

Produced and arranged by Hindi in its entirety, Handmade features the first single, "Beautiful Tango," a smoky love ballad with a whistle-along melody, plus "Imik Si Mik" (Little by Little) and "Oursoul" - both sung in her native tongue. Closing with a series of six unplugged versions, Hindi re-imagines her original compositions with heightened intimacy - making for a thrilling 17 track debut album.

Hindi embarks on her debut US tour on Sept. 30 in Los Angeles, continuing to Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and culminating in  NYC at CMJ.

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