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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Look With The Eyes of Love!

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

"We see black and white
In between is what's right
Time fades all colors
And your darks will turn light..."
- Ofer Abraham Moses

What does that mean, exactly? I mean, it SOUNDS nice, right? "Look at them with the eyes of Love..."  Yeah, who WOULDN'T want that?  But I can hear the negative voice in my mind going, "Mastin, WTF does THAT mean?!"

To me, what it means is to see all communication as either an expression of, or a request for, Love. It also means remembering that someone's actions, statements, beliefs and actions have nothing to do with you, so to take anything personally is to take responsibility for the other person's perception.

If everything someone does is but a projection of their own world view and their action is either a request or an expression of giving Love, that makes it much easier to understand, talk to, engage with and resolve with people.

When someone calls you a name, it's his or her projection and underneath that is a deep and perhaps unconscious desire to just be Loved. When someone critiques you, it's a reflection of his or her own inner critic and you can simply take it as feedback instead of a judgment about your worth or abilities.

If you decide to open up to someone and reveal yourself and he or she doesn't like it, it does not define you, it's just more feedback.

Many times we are so afraid of losing someone or so desperate for approval that we alter ourselves to please other people and end up with major resentment and frustration. Then, we tend to externalize those feelings and then blame the other person or people for them - when, in reality, we've done it to ourself. The person we are really resentful toward is ourself; the person who is response-able for our circumstance is us, because we have chosen our way into this moment. Perhaps we have chosen to not reveal who we really are or what we really want. Perhaps we take on and assume the judgments of others and then act on them, slowly cutting off our own self-worth and heart. Perhaps we need Love so much that when someone touches where we are wounded just a little bit, we lash out at him or her for inflicting this hurt.

But you see, the only person who can inflict hurt, judgment and make it stick in our lives is us. Everything, EVERYTHING outside of ourselves is just INFORMATION. And WE, with the gift of FREE WILL, get to CHOOSE how we want to interpret the outside world and then what ACTION we will take as a result of our interpretations.

We should not fear opening up and being abandoned (this just means we are beginning to manifest an authentic life); no, we should fear closing down and never taking the "risk" to be vulnerable. Life is short - demand the most and the best from it, starting with the most and the best of yourself.

So, where are you asking for Love and blaming someone else? Where is someone else asking for Love and blaming you? What can you do today to take your guard down, not take things personally and send Love to yourself and those who are asking for it?


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