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Friday, March 19, 2010

Jah Cure Con Exposed!

It seems like not only the Hollywood Rich and
Famous are susceptible to people wanting to
scam and make money off their name.

According to Jah Cure's management team of 
Danger Zone Music Group, a promoter in Belize 
ordered dubplates (paid for them)  from the 
Universal Cure which didn't materialize.  The 
promoter became suspicious after not receiving
his dubs, and contacted DZMG who had no 
knowledge of monies exchanged for dubplates.  
Lawd!  The promoter is out money, and DZMG
has made it clear:  anything you need from Jah,
go through them!

The things people will do to profit off of the cure!

Jah Cure (pictured)

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