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Friday, March 12, 2010

► ► ► Classic Friday ► ► ► The Buffalo Soldier and Super Freak!

He was a self confessed 'super freak' who
was also a native of Buffalo, New York. 
He was Rick James, and he was one of the
world's best known Funk artists.
Born James Ambrose Johnson Jr., James
was one of 8 children, and recognised from
an early age that music was his calling.  After
joining the navy, James left his navy base
because training 'conflicted with music.'  He
moved to Toronto, Canada where he lived and
performed for some time under the stage
name 'Big Jimmy.'
Forming a band with Nick St. Nicholas, James
released a single for Columbia Canada called
"Myna Bird Song."  Using the momentum of
the song, Big Jimmy auditioned for Motown
(Neil Young was also a part of the group) who 
liked the sound, and paid an advance for an
Difficulties with the manager arose, who pocketed
the advance money, and told authorities of
Jamed being AWOL.  Not discouraged, James
kept trying and eventually became a songwriter
for Motown, working with Smokey Robinson.
In the 1980's, Rick James became Rick James
with his hit singles "Mary Jane," "Super Freak"
and "Give It To Me Baby!"  Several hit records
followed, sealing James as one of the best on
the funk-a-delic music landscape!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch a selection of
Rick James records here:
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