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Saturday, March 20, 2010

♠ HOTTT Music Re-Cap! ♠ Charly Black - Rich Dis Year Tour!

Charly Black is in North America promoting
his soon to be released album 'Rich Dis Year.'
So far, Charly has teased fans in Toronto with
a quick pass through, and gave a full performance
in Montreal last night (Big up Don and the entire
Little Thunder Family!).
The ladies have made it clear that Charly is their
DJ of choice.  I'm not gossiping, but I'm telling
you that getting Charly out of the venues have
been a challenge.  Ladies won't let him go.  Oh Boy!
Charly will have a day off from the performance
track, and will use that day to record dubplates;
looks like it will be Sunday.  To get your hands on
dubs, call Niyah at 416-206-9106, or e-mail
Charly will be in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton,
Baltimore, and Virginia Beach with Joe Swynger
from Crazy Love Sound.  More details to come!
In the meantime, broadcasting at 320kbps, and
including the new chune "Informer" on the Negril
riddim, catch a few chunes from Charly here:
Charly's next performance...

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