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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Teetimus Da Producer a.k.a. Rockstar Makes Vybz Kartel Pop in a “U.F.O. MEDZ!”

Established in his own right, Teetimus da producer is well known amongst music circles for his cutting edge sound and avante garde ear for matching artists with multi-genre sounds.  Teetimus’s newest project is no exception to this standard as he’s the first producer to make Vybz Kartel ‘pop!’

Merging Pop with Techno and a splash of electronic, Teetimus (as the producer) lays the musical groundwork for Vybz Kartel to deliver one of his most well received cross-over performances in the song called “U.F.O. MEDZ” which features the Dancehall King and Teetimus the Rockstar.

Recently released to the worlds’ most prominent DJ’s, initial feedback to the song exceeded the teams expectations.  “We knew the DJ’s were going to like the track” said Teetimus from his recording studio in New York, “but we didn’t expect it to be so well received by the Pop and Techno audience.  Vybz Kartel did a great job with the track – he really is dih teacha!”

For Vybz Kartel, shying away from a track so forward thinking for the Pop genre was not an option.  The artist recorded his vocals in Jamaica prior to incarceration and expressed that the Pop / Electronica sound will allow him to gain fans of a wider background.  “Teetimus approached me with this track and the result is great.  I stayed true to Dancehall while working with a new genre.  Fans are going to appreciate it.”

Already available on iTunes, the track has gained a lot of traction with sites such as, and  The preview, available on YouTube, is one of the most searched, marking another sign that the single is on deck to being a hit.

No stranger to success, Teetimus the Rockstar earned several accolades as the co-producer of Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley’s 2012 hit song “Affairs of the Heart,” Trey Songz “Ladies Gone Wild” and Mr. Vegas “Bruk It Dung,” and is in negotiations to produce a track for a very prominent and Grammy award winning female rapper.

About Teetimus Da Producer a.k.a. Rockstar:

Teetimus da producer is one of the most talented and versatile music producer’s, songwriter, and artist from out of Jamaica. He has established himself as has one of the most highly sought after Reggae, Hip Hop, and R&B producers both on the east coast and in Jamaica. His discography is very impressive and well respected within his musical genre, he has had the pleasure to serving up major artists with his unorthodox style of productions including:  Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley, Sean Paul, Mr. Vegas, Busta Ryhmes, Mario Winans, LiL Kim, Chilli/T-Boyz, Jim Jones, Wayne Wonder, and of course, his own projects!

Teetimus's story begins at a early tender age when he was introduced to the drums by a well known local percussionist who owned and operated a small recording studio a few houses down from where he lived.  In order to say out of trouble he started visiting the studio more and more, constantly banging on the drums. “As far as I was concerned, I was playing the drums.  Musically I saw myself getting better at playing the drums; I felt I was born with this talent.  Soon after, I started questing to learn how to play other instruments including the keyboard, bass and acoustic guitar” said Teetimus when reflecting on his musical journey.

His fascination with the percussions continued throughout his youth and have earned and secured him a place in the Reggae and Hip Hop community as one of the most talented drummer and beatmakers, allowing him to tour the world with renowned Reggae artists like Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer and even Sean Paul (before his international stardom).

When he’s not touring, Teetimus da producer is in the studio working on a project or master minding a hit song.  In the years he’s been producing, Teetimus da producer has contributed tracks to albums for:  Trey Songz (Chapter V), Lady Saw (Walk Out), Wayne Wonder (No Holding Back), Sean Paul (Trinity) Purple City (Diary Of A summer) and Busta Rhymes (It Ain’t Safe No More). Composing music has always been a way for Teetimus to express and channel his inner personal feelings.

Now having been around several of the worlds best recording artists, Teetimus feels the time is right to take on singing.  Working on the advice of his Mom, Teets as he is affectionately called his singing for the world!

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