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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Artist Alert! Tha Vor – Reggae and Hip Hop Combined!

It is a well known fact that Hip Hop is the child of Reggae.  Founded in the 1970’s, the genre celebrated MC’s toasting over the breaks of funk and R&B records.  Toronto’s upcoming artist, Tha Vor, is the epitome of Reggae and Hip Hop combined.

Using his voice to share knowledge about life, the teachings of our ancestors and modern day issues, Tha Vor is not shy when addressing these matters through music.  The artists re-released single “King of Glory” is a perfect example of the artists convictions expressed through song.  Performing to deep bass riddim, the artist chants:  In the beginning was the WORD / and the WORD was GOD / and the WORD was made flesh / Once him come conquer death now again pon earth / truth manifest / This time every knee a fi bow every tongue confess / Behold in 1780 the sun was darkened and the moon gave not her light….”

Born in Kingston Jamaica, Tha Vor considers his music to be a mission. It is a mission to make sure voices such as Haile Selassie, Marcus Garvey, Public Enemy and other positive influences never fade in the background.  Taking a conscious yet militant stance, the artist steadfastly speaks on the realities of life, his experiences and all that his studies have taught him. It is from these various sources that enable him to stand out in a class of his own.  His music can be recommended to any music lover as it stands the test of time!

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Sample Tha Vor’s re-released single “King of Glory” via YouTube by clicking the 
image below:

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