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Thursday, November 8, 2012

HOTTT New Music! Jessie James – Me She Want!

Inspired Music Concepts, lead by Anil ‘Phantom’ Montaque, is a production and management group based in Kingston, Jamaica.  We first came to know them because of the work done with ski champion Tanner Hall and his award winning documentary Like a Lion.  Phantom produced most of the music for the soundtrack, and worked with Cali P on the lead single.  The soundtrack was and still is an international success!


Phantom met up with us recently for updates on new projects.  Females, are going to LOVE this update!

Jessie James (yes that is his real government name) is the update!  Jessie has a new single on the road called “Me She Want” which has become so popular, he had to shoot a video for it.  As a matter of fact, his music overall is so popular, multiple video’s are being shot!

The chune is a Dancehall ode (meaning a poem intended to be sung) descriptive of why Jessie is held in such high regard by the ladies.  He sings:  “I love the way you’re lying in my bed / girl you’re so beautiful / come closer baby / I can never get you out my head / I’ll be your best friend / I’ll be your boyfriend / I’ll be your man…”

Here we go!

Combine those lyrics with Jessie’s looks and you can imagine fan reaction – we witnessed it firsthand so we know what we're saying!

P.S.  Connect with Team Jessie on Twitter >>>

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