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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Irish and Chin Presents - De Weddin Scamma!

This ThanksGiving weekend Irishandchin Inc. brings to the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut) another hilarious, witty and captivating play "DE WEDDIN SCAMMA.....!"

Tony London (played by alternates Carty and Stephenson) and Sandy (Bellanfantie) are young and in love. While they both enthusiastically plan their nuptials this is to the distress and bereavement of Tony’s father, Mr. London, who is played by Maxwell 'maama man' Grant. He makes no apology about his blatant hatred for his daughter-in-law and as such is openly hostile towards her.

Things 'boil over' when Keithie, who is played by Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay who is Sandy’s brother, comes into the mix taking along his 'red eye' friend from the country, Joycie.
Keithie, a 'jack of all trades' and ultimate con-artist, is asked by his sister to plan her dream wedding, oh oh, big BIG mistake, as simultaneously Joycie is engaging Keithie’s services to find her a “rich” bachelor while Mr. London, the groom's father goes in search of all heavenly and 'unheavenly' powers to rid his family of "dis jezebel Sandy," from his beloved son’s life.

In “De Weddin Scamma” drama cyaan done as the couple looks forward to saying “I do” while others plot and scheme for a "I don't". Who says all is fair in love, come watch "De Weddin Scamma" to see if such dreams do come true or if 'science again' rules!
The all star cast consist of: Keith “Shebada” Ramsay Maxwel “Maama Man” Grant, Dainty Bellanfantie, Ramona Miller, Etesia Ramsay, Cavin Carty, Richard Stephenson.

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