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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Update Re Mavado from Natasha Von Castle

Update:  Personal Statement from Natasha Von Castle re Mavado

On Tuesday May 15th, 2012, I issued a statement regarding Mavado which was shared on the social networking site Twitter via @L3Magazine as well as  In my personal statement I made reference to a ‘source’ who provided me with information regarding Mavado and his inability to perform in Toronto, as well as the artist being dropped from Young Money Records, and a criminal charge which has resulted in an arrest warrant.

I called my source to confirm that the information was indeed correct to which I was told that it was.  We had several exchanges via blackberry, and I was assured the accuracy of the information.  The source of my information was Ron Nelson and

I have since been in contact with Mavado through his Canadian Agent Rahim.  My information that Mavado will not be performing in Toronto on May 25th is true, however, Mavado has not been dropped by his label Young Money Records, and, there is no arrest warrant for the artists’ arrest.  That information from Ron Nelson was incorrect.

In my many years of being a journalist, and running L3 Magazine, my professionalism has always been to and of the highest standard.  I am not in the business of spreading false information; I take my job and my voice in the Caribbean-Urban community very seriously.

I personally apologize to Mavado, DJ Khaled, Baby and the Cash Money Records label for the mis-information expressed by me and L3Magazine, and

Natasha Von Castle

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