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Monday, May 14, 2012

Innocent v. Madd Squad Sound Clash!

Sound Clash has always been an integral role in Sound System culture where Reggae and Dancehall is concerned.  Usually between 2 sounds, the Clash is aimed at earning the respect and 'forward' of Clash fans who determine which sound won the Clash and thus hold the title of Sound Clash Winner!

On Saturday June 30th, two of Florida's largest sounds, Innocent and Madd Squad face off for an event called 'Duppi Affi Mek.'

If you're not from a Caribbean background, a 'duppi' is a ghost, and a ghost only appears when a person is dead.  To put that in the context of the Clash, one of the two sounds will die, thus becoming a duppi.

This event is significant for two reasons:  1.  It marks the re-emergence of the Clash industry which was kick started by Clash innovators and Aficionados Irish and Chin, and 2.  It marks Froggy Madd Squad Clashing which hasn't happened in years ... several years.

Clash fans are asking if Froggy has what it takes to defend his sound seeing that Striker has been the one to Clash in behalf of Madd Squad in the past.  Other fans are asking how deep into the dubbox does Froggy plan to go as his dubs are extensive (he's been selecting since his teens and has relationships with several artists).  Additional fans want to know if Innocent has the musical ammunition to counteract Froggy's piercing dubs.

The only way to find out is to attend the Clash.  See the flyers for details.  If you see a ghost, don't get frightened; 'duppi affi mek!'

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