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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tribute to Coppa Cat - Khago - Gone Too Soon...

A universal theme that touches all people regardless of nationality, creed or religion is death, especially when it comes at the hands of violence.

On Thursday (January 20th), Coppa Cat, who is a protégé of Richie Stephens, was killed outside Stephens home.  The senseless act was committed for Coppa’s Blackberry phone.

Khago, one of Jamaica’s fastest rising stars, recorded a tribute song for Coppa which is so moving, it has become the kind of song you can play for any person who has lost a loved one.

Using an acoustic guitar, and using the tremble in his voice to duplicate a crying soul, Khago touches the listeners heart via melody, and shares the pain of loss through his lyrics.

Whether it's Mommy who’s sitting by the radio seeking comfort, or the tuggy in the Dancehall who’s put up his lighta in honor of his fallen soldier, “Gone Too Soon” by Khago connects.

Click on the song title to preview / download

1 comment:

  1. respect coppa cat.......u gone but ur soul live on..........miss by all