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Thursday, January 6, 2011

►►► Throwback Thursday! ►►► Future Troubles "Reggae in Peace!"

Back in 1995, Future Troubles penned the song “Reggae in Peace” where he says ‘why dem ah give Reggae a fight / that’s not right / Reggae music is loved by the black and the white ...  Waan listen Reggae  / in peace in peace / but we haffi look out fih police police …”

The riddim was produced by Bobby 'Digital' Dixon, called 'Quarter to Twelve' which also featured Dancehall artists Beenie Man, Cobra and Simpleton.  Listening to Future troubles song today reminds us just how far we have not come in reggae music (still have dances ending early), and reminds us of how artists can be responsible in expressing themselves without cussing and carrying on.
It is agreed that artists today face more pressures in the industry than just the police locking off a dance, the point is responsibility should be exercised in that expression!

Preview / download Future Troubles song "Reggae in Peace by clicking the title below.  As always, send us your feedback so we can pass it on!


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