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Friday, February 26, 2010

►►► Classic Friday ►►► Not the Birds & the Bees but the Bee’s and the Gee’s!

The 1970’s was the era for Disco.  Dance floors
across North America were crowded with dancers
who were doing the ‘jive,’ ‘the Texas two step’
and the world famous ‘hustle!’  John Travolta
was the man of the moment thanks to the movie
Saturday Night Fever which showcased the fun
and energy of Disco as a movement, as well as
the bounce of the music.

One group who contributed significantly to the
movement was the Bee Gees!  Barry, Andy and
Maurice Gibb were known for their harmonies
and sweet falsetto’s.  That pairing made their
songs instantly recognizable, and gave us hit
chunes such as “Jive Talking,” “Staying Alive” 
and the theme song for the movie“Saturday 
Night Fever!”

The Gibbs won numerous awards including the
Grammy’s, the American Music Awards, the Brit
Awards and the World Music Awards.  They have
written and produced music for several notable
talents, and have had their songs covered by Nina
Simone, Diana Ross, Al Green, Eric Clapton, Elvis
Presley, and Beyonce, whose cover of the song
“Emotions” spent time on the Billboard charts!

For those of us who are 70’s babies, we can tell
you that there was no better time for music (all
genres) than that time!

Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch a few cuts of the
classic group the Bee Gees, which includes a hot
remix of the song “Inside Out” by Andy Caldwell


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