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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kevin Crown aka Natural Born Club Killa Releases Mixtape for 2013!

The Natural Born Club Killa (NBCK), Kevin Crown has been busy creating a work of art for not just the Caribbean community, but for everyone who loves Reggae music. His newest 2K13 Dancehall mixtape is extremely raw and uncut and is hosted by the very funny Jamaican duo Twins of Twins.

Kevin Crown stated, “The collaboration with Twins of Twins is not the first one. They appeared on my mixtape back in 2009 called The Future. As far as comedy goes today, they are extremely funny and being that we have a long time friendship they get me and how I put music together. The twins were definitely the only ones I had in mind for hosting my mixtape!” 

The mixtape entitled: The Show part 1, features current club bangers with hot new music coupled with a few Kevin Crown exclusives. Put all this with hilarious commentary from a host of characters brought to life by the twins of twins you have ONE HOT CD! There is no simple way to describe this mixtape, other than it definitely shows why Kevin Crown is titled the Natural Born Club Killa. You don’t need to skip any songs, and the introduction to new music was strategically placed, that make it seems as if it is a current hit. There is no other mixtape that makes you feel like you are in one of those good basement parties with no A/C. It’s that good! Enough talking check it out for yourself.

About Kevin Crown, NBCK
They say promoters are responsible for bringing the crowd, but in NYC there’s one DJ that brings the crowd and kills clubs! He invites you into his world through music, and takes you on a never ending journey until the cops come knocking. To experience a Kevin Crown show is like experiencing a natural high as he sends shock waves through your body with the beats that pulsates the speakers wherever he makes an appearance. Kevin Crown is the future. His diverse knowledge allows him to play just about anywhere for anyone. From heating up concert arenas, to making things unpredictable for Jamie Foxx, and keeping the Wayans Brothers entertained, he is one of New York City’s most requested DJ. He is leading the pack of young DJs making it kind of hard to catch up. He dares to be different by bringing is energy, style, and comical attitude to his parties. You can call him Kevin or you can call him Kevin Crown, but the name he most likes to be called for obvious reasons is “Natural Born Club Killa.”

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