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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Remembrance - Songbook of Bob Marley

The revolutionary CD, Remembrance, officially launches with a concert led by Everton “Pablo” Paul and Cuban musicians, La Academia, from Cuba, in Toronto on Thursday, May 16 at the popular Lula Lounge as part of the LULAWORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL.

Remembrance is an inventive fusion of indigenous contemporary rhythm patterns from both Jamaica and Cuba based on the universal songbook of Bob Marley.  

“I don’t believe it’s ever been done before.” says Everton “Pablo” Paul of Remembrance. And when it comes to fusion and rhythms Everton knows what he’s talking about.  Born in Jamaica, Everton is a founding member of The Cougars and a member of Jamaica to Toronto.  He has played with such industry greats as Cuba Gooding Sr., Bill King, Wayne McGhie, Jackie Mittoo, Melba Moore, Ernest Ranglin, Jackie Richardson, Percy Sledge and Lyn Taitt, to name a few. 

“For this first recording I chose Bob Marley.” continues Everton Paul. “His music knows no borders so I thought a fusion grounded in his songs would be more readily accepted by an international audience.  I chose the Cuban flavour as the sound with which I would inject the Marley songs because it was my first musical influence.  Growing up in Jamaica I often listened to Cuban bands on a shortwave radio and before I graduated to drums, congas were my instrument of choice.”

Recorded at the Nelson Studio in Havana, Cuba, the ten songs featured on Remembrance were rearranged by Roberto Garcia Lopez into Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, Obàtálá, Guaguanco, Mambo Cha, Bembe, Iyesa, Abakuá, Piluo and Salsa beats and brilliantly performed by La Academia led by Ruy Lopez-Nussa Lekszycki.

“The challenge in making this CD was to blend Reggae, Cuban and Afro-Cuban rhythms into ten songs,” says Everton Paul.  “We remained true to Marley’s lyrics and spirit, but allowed the Cuban influence to shine through.  Jamaica and Cuba may share neighbouring waters, similar climates but musically, they are worlds apart. This music is like nothing that has come before and I hope it is the beginning of many more collaborations with many other parts of the musical world.”

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