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Monday, February 25, 2013

Courtney John's Black Cinderella!

‘Future’ is exciting for The Courtney John Project with a new fusion twist to the sounds of Errol Dunkley’s original Black Cinderella.

With the release of this single, it brings the Courtney John Projects new album ‘Future’ one step closer to international release.   This version is just one of three hit singles, which is showcasing their ability to reach a broader audience. 

The creative fusion of Courtney’s lovers vocals with The Wizard and Lenky’s expert blending of contemporary dub-electronica, is tweaked so that it’s haunting mix enhances the original.   The listener has much to identify from the Rootstronic fusion sound as it drops. 

Quaking vibes enhance the narrative in Courtney John’s vocal style as the lyrics suggest loss beginning and throughout.   The auditory feast on this track makes it a truly unique revive tune.  It has the potential to draw in both young and old fans alike, with its rich tapestry of melodic sounds.

The Courtney John Project’s long term super-producer, Nastassja Hammond better known as ‘The Wizard’ fuses sample sounds of aircraft and movement in time across a spectrum of dub beats, creating an astonishing fusion with Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden beautiful dub-style piano solo. The intermittent beat plates and subtle dub-horns take the listener on a personal journey from beginning to end.

The auditory feast on this track makes it a truly unique revive tune, one to gain momentum in the future success of the album.

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