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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

BridgeZ Says Take Your Time!

Alliance First Lady Bridgett “BridgeZ” Roache has released a video for her hit single “Take Your Time” featuring Big Wayne, which encourages men and women to take their time when entering a new relationship.

The singer especially hopes to target young women with the song.

“It can boost a young lady’s confidence that you can be sexy without flaunting it and showing all over, and you can be sexy without rushing into things. Once you know your value its natural to want a man to take his time,” says the singjay who is managed by Bounty Killer.

Filmed by Chris “Icey Jace” Campbell on location at the Wyndham Hotel in New Kingston, the video shows BridgeZ prepping for a photoshoot while a man (who locked eyes with her in the lobby) tries to find her room. The attractive lead is given the room number by the bell boy only to face BridgeZ strict manager who refuses to let him in. She glimpses him and gives him her assistant’s number as she would be on set all day. Bridgez meets her love interest later that night for just a drink. Shots of BridgeZ and Big Wayne as well as Big Wayne and his love interest play in between these scenes.
The song was written by BridgeZ, Bounty Killer and Munga Honorable and produced by Zum (Good Good Productions) on the Freezing Point Riddim and has been getting frequent airplay both locally and overseas.

The“Take Your Time” video premiered on On Stage with Winford Williams earlier this year.

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